Are Memberships Free?

Yes, memberships are free! This site is currently offered pro bono to you as a viewer. As a member, you can comment on posts or subscribe to email newsletters to receive updates on new posts or topics. You can unsubscribe at any time. If you would like to be a member or receive email newsletters you can do so here.

Will you ever offer a paid membership option?

At the moment, No. However, that doesn't mean that myTeckNet won't in the future. The only reason myTeckNet may offer a paid/donation option in the future is to offset the costs required for hosting but the information will always be free. 

Why Ads?

The content on myTeckNet is free; however, time is not. The hosting of this site comes at a cost just like anything else. Currently to date (July 2023) the annual cost of hosting is ~$ 300 USD. This may not seem like much initially but over time adds up when you're not getting any extra revenue/income out of it. We all have to pay the bills to keep the lights on.

As a member how do I change my avatar?

If you wish to change your avatar or membership photo you must do so by creating or modifying an account on Gravatar. myTeckNet is not affiliated or partnered with Gravatar. If you wish to learn more about Gravatar and its public APIs you can find that here.

I no longer wish to maintain my membership with myTeckNet.

I'm sorry to hear you leave. If you wish to have your membership deleted, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Delete my Account" - in the body type "I wish to have my account deleted associated to this email address" and we will do so. You will receive a confirmation that your account has been deleted once myTeckNet has done so to confirm your account is gone.