A collection of various scripts and languages from VisualBasicScript, Shell/Bash, PowerShell, Python, and more.

Revoking TAK Client Certificates Easy

If you're familiar with revoking certificates in TAK you will notice that you have to execute multiple tasks. With this script, you're able to execute this within your home directory using one step and a command.

Random Client Certificate Passwords

If you want to implement additional security with TAK Certificates, this script generates a random password for each client certificate preventing the sharing of a common password.

Making TAK User Accounts Easy

Sometimes making a TAK account isn't easy. To help new administrators in the process I created a little script that will perform that task for them with ease.

Exporting an Active Directory Users Public Digital Certificate

Have you ever needed to export the public digital certificate of a user stored in Active Directory to allow that user secure access to an application or internal website not integrated into AD/LDAP?