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Creating Data Packages for TAK Configuration/Enrollment

Creating a data package for TAK configuration/enrollment provides a turnkey solution for new clients. To summarize as a TAK administrator after provisioning the TAK credentials or certificate issuance process all that is required by the end user is a compressed file.

TAK then and now. A personal journey.

This is my recollection and personal journey with TAK and all the ups and downs throughout the whole process.

Creating Custom AD Attributes for ATAK

In this guide, we will cover creating and applying custom attributes to our users in AD/LDAP to apply to our ATAK Clients. Once we have created these custom attributes we will modify the TAK Server core configuration file to apply these attributes to newly enrolled ATAK clients.

Managing users and groups in TAK

Manage users and groups within a TAK Server using the local user and group manager or integrate your TAK Server into an AD/LDAP environment.

Making TAK User Accounts Easy

Sometimes making a TAK account isn't easy. To help new administrators in the process I created a little script that will perform that task for them with ease.

Using External Certificate Authorities to sign your TAK Server

The purpose of this guide will be to walk you through how to get your TAK Server a public certificate for trusted connections. Additionally, we will cover requesting a certificate from Let's Encrypt a popular public certificate authority.

Let's build a TAK Server - RPM Edition

So you want to build a TAK Server? The purpose of this guide is to build and familiarize ourselves with the TAK Server using the RPM installer and connect some clients.

Recording your steps with Steps Recorder

PSR is a powerful and easy-to-use end-user information-gathering and system administrator troubleshooting tool. PSR was initially designed to aid system administrators and developers in debugging, enabling end users to record the steps taken prior to and up to when an error occurred.

What is TAK?

TAK stands for Team Awareness Kit on the civilian side of the house and Tactical Assault Kit on the federal government side. TAK is a geospatial situational awareness tool with added flexibility through the use of plugins.

Exporting an Active Directory Users Public Digital Certificate

Have you ever needed to export the public digital certificate of a user stored in Active Directory to allow that user secure access to an application or internal website not integrated into AD/LDAP?