TAK References

TAK References
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This is not the end-all-be-all but it's a good start. There are a lot of guides/videos out there - this is not an all-inclusive list, just a list of "trusted" or known sources.

The TAK Server

Are you looking to host your own TAK Server? Here are a couple of internal and external resources to get you started.

Alternate TAK Server Solutions

The following solutions offer a lightweight alternative to the TAK.gov TAK Server based on the open-source TAK Server distributed by the TAK Product Center/TAK.gov.

  • PyTAK is a Python Module for creating TAK clients, servers & gateways and includes classes for handling cursor-on-target (CoT) & non-CoT data, as well as functions for serializing CoT data and sending and receiving CoT data over a network.
  • FreeTAKServer (FTS) is a Python3 implementation of a TAK Server, it is cross-platform and is free and open source (released under the Eclipse Public License.
  • TAKy is a simple cursor-on-target server for TAK Clients.

Public Key Infrastructure

PKI is simply explained as the environment that is used to create, manage, and distribute digital certificates. It is a mix of software and hardware used for client-to-server secure connections.

TAK Clients

ATAK Topics


Colorado TAK - ATAK Training

WinTAK Topics


Colorado TAK - WinTAK Training

iTAK Topics


Colorado TAK - iTAK Training

Miscellaneous Areas

  • Sensors and Signals - SnS provides TAK integration and operational support, and provides end-to-end integration with the TAK Product ecosystem, bringing modern situational awareness to the edge.
  • Ampledata.org - Authored by the same developer at SnS, this site provides a quick link repository and links to TAK/CoT projects and more.
    • GitHub - Repository of cursor-on-target projects
  • TAK Tools - cgmckeever provides multiple tools to assist beginners in the provisioning of a TAK Server and manage many aspects of the TAK Server, clients, and more.
  • GitHub - JoshuaFuller - maintains a GitHub repository of TAK projects.
    • TAK Maps - a repository of consolidated open-source map sources.
  • TAK Community Forum - an old-school bulletin board-style forum outside of the TAK Discord TAK community to provide a searchable reference for solved issues.
  • TAK Discord TAK Community - An open TAK Discord discussion group covering a wide scope of topics from development to administration.

Computer Based Training (CBT)


Colorado TAK - Gettig Started Guides

Courses | Specialized Training from Tough Stump Technologies
We help teams solve complex problems by integrating the latest technology into scenario-based training.

Tough Stump - TAK Training

TAK as a Service (TaaS)

TAK as a Service is an online cloud provider of TAK Server provided to customers on a subscription plan.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with or endorsed in any way by the providers listed or have used their products.
Sit(x) vs TAK Server
A SaaS solution hosted in the FedRAMP compliant Amazon GovCloud that delivers next generation TAK Server as a Service capabilities.

ParGovernment - Sit(x)

Web site created by VK Integrated Systems

VK Integrated Systems - Situational Awareness Tool

TAK Team - Instantly Deploy ATAK
TAK Team is an instantly deployable cloud based solution for teams and organizations that provides ATAK server capabilities and other integrated services such as voice and video. TAK Team is priced per month with maximum device limits. This is the easiest way to get going with ATAK, each instance in…

Guerrilla Dynamics/GoTak - TAK Team

ArgusTAK - Cloud Based TAK Server
ArgusTAK is a cloud based TAK server that’s simple, secure and reliable. Users of ATAK, WinTAK and iTAK can now quickly and easily get their networks up and running.

ArgusTAK - Cloud Based TAK Server

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